The Cheating Dilemma continued.

So the question is not 'Should we make brewing while dp impossible or at best punish the

individual who does it?' Instead, we should ask 'Should we make picking poisons,

, selling silver or iron to fighters, enlisting men, refilling potions for fighters, and

grabbing bodies while pacifist or dp (situation-applicable of course) impossible or at best

punishable? Why must we stop at brewing poisons protected when there are many

other situations consistent with aggression?

My second argument is that deities will punish whoever they want and for whatever excuses

they can come up with that fits their views. There are times when I have been favoured

and disfavoured for the same action. Granted, it was not concerning anything I did while dp,

but the end is the same - You can't appease everyone all the time. Be true to yourself

and true to your role. A disgustingly conniving thief is what Uwoiame is.

And that is what she always should be. And you, Allanon, will always be a self-righteous

High Priest who comes on every once in a blue moon to deal out judgment when it only affects

him personally.

You all will resort to my elder's post as some sort of lame counter to all of this.

Fortunately, I have retracted my posts on there publicly before having written this.

So there is nothing you can say anymore.

In exchange for your disfavoring of Uwoiame, I have decided to do something equally unsavory

to the pacifists and or divinely protected individuals of your city that constantly engage

in aggressive actions, be them direct or indirect.

Tread not on dark territory for you will find me there,

Nauthsiiir, of the Skulkarax Bloodline

Written by my hand on the 19th of Mournsend, in the year 1164.