The 'Cheating' Dilemma.

Enlisting men while pacifist - indirectly aggressive

Refilling potions for a fighter mid-battle while a pacifist or dp - indirectly aggressive

Grabbing bodies while dp - indirectly aggressive

Poison picking while pacifist or dp - indirectly aggressive

Mining comms for harmful purposes (e. g. staves, iron traps, etc) - indirectly aggressive

Brewing poisons while dp - directly aggressive

Killing steeds of an enemy who has bloodlust versus you - directly aggressive

Killing demons of an enemy who has bloodlust versus you - directly aggressive

The difference between my examples is obviously one of direct or indirect relationship.

The direct ones are aggressive actions that simply happen more quickly in the future.

But in regards to intention, does it really matter WHEN they happen?

When you abort a fetus, does the abortion happen when you have the intention of aborting it

or only while it is being physically aborted?

When you plant a bomb, do the deaths that follow happen because of the fact that you planted

it, or only when it goes off (provided the bomb WILL in fact, go off)?

When you are accepted into college or university, are you a college student upon intending to

go to that school, or only when you physically attend?

My point is clear. If you take into consideration intention, Allanon, then your citizens

have done many more aggressive actions than Uwoiame ever has. They are indirect versions but

the end result is the same. And don't try to fool us. We all know exactly what your

pacifists and divinely protected citizens are actually doing... greater than 80%

of your war machine is because of them and you haven't done a very good job in masking that.

Gods know it. Mortals know it. Dogs know it.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Mournsend, in the year 1164.