I can only really speak about incidents I see before my own eyes, but I would hope as Gandalph

quaff 38628

stated that intervention would be equal from both the \"good\" and \"bad\" sides.


In this particular instance the issue of \"brewing poisons whilst dp\" has been subject to much debate

and discussion and the outcome is very clear.

and discussion and the outcome is very clear.

you yourself may remember Narissa (GM of the thieves) post on the elders board (post 3070) where

she states...

I have brewed while DP, and I have been punished by gods for it ...I agree that brewing poisons while behind DP is wrong

After these discussions on this board I have changed my mind about the ability to brew while dp

(is this not one of the reasons for the elder's bb to discuss and enlighten) And I agree that it should be something we regulate and discourage the youth from doing

In my years of being HP I can probably still count the number of times I used the disfavour command on my fingers and toes

and that really is what it is all about using judgement and restraint - or do consider that Genesis needs to be

involved in dealing with every indiscretion a mortal commits?

Written by my hand on the 10th of Mournsend, in the year 1164.