Allanon Artisan, Illuminatito Uwoiame, Lady Thief

I asked you to apologise (not grovel) for blatantly cheating.

and then lying afterwards stating you had lost protection before your brewed.

Even Narissa (and I am gagging here) has admitted on another forum that brewing poisons whilst

divinely protected is a cheat, an obvious abuse.

divinely protected is a cheat, an obvious abuse.

We have spent a fun day you bravely stopping me felling staves in your city, we have felled some

you have died a lot and I have died also - why spoil it?

I can appreciate frustation but you knew full well what you were doing.

As In informed you in our subsequent discussions I am very far from trigger happy in giving out my

patrons disfavour, I am mature enough, reasonable enough and responsible enough to only do

so without the need to trouble my patron with behavour such as yours.

I am sure he will inform me when he wants this policy to change.

Furthermore what is the other side in your particular case, you brewed whilst dp due to as you admitted \"frustration\"

you then panicked (maybe after I warned you of the consequences) and then lost dp - you then lied about the timing of events

only proved wrong by my log - you continued to lie then admitted it - seems very much one sided to me ...

However as promised Apollo wishes wrongdoers to learn from then indiscretions, apology accepted, disfvaour cancelled.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Eleuthral, in the year 1164.