Moonstone cont.

Castigere, the god of justiceto Everyone

At the conclusion of the team combat rounds, the Silver, White and Green teams

were ahead by a point for having emerged victorious from this round. This led

to the single combat rounds. Each person was paired with another of similar

skill and level and were given a short period of time in which to dispatch their

enemy. However, there was a twist to this single combat. Because two fights ran

simultaneously, if one victor from a fight was able to kill their primary target,

they were given the opportunity to jump into the fray of the other fight and

destroy them as well.

The Thief Uwoiame was the only competitor to benefit from this and was able to

defeat Simaril after they had both eliminated their primary targets. Many notable

fighters emerged from this phase. Uwoiame, Dunccan, Simaril, India and Joely all

had maximum points for the competition. This ended single combat and moved into

the sands-like quest in which control of the divine scales was fought over.

Three groups were formed into an alliance, and the two large groups battled for

control of the scales.

Zenichiro of the Red team held the scales from the beginning and repelled all

attacks from the Blue, Black and Green teams. Just when the sands ran out,

however, Caelred the Thief pilfered the scales from her allied team and at the

end of the time, was in control of them, giving the Silver team a bonus point

over the others in the alliance. This would prove a key turning point for Dunccan

in the end.

The end of the scales quest would begin the final, free-for-all battle inside the

chaotic arena. Each competitor for themselves, no-one was safe. The carnage that

would ensue was something to behold. Blood indeed spilled onto the dirty floor

of the Arena. Screams of pain and triumph could be heard across the land. When

the smoke cleared, five competitors stood above the rest. The most efficient

killer in the Arena was Zenichiro, with 18 kills and no deaths. He was followed

by Sajora, who had 11 kills and 0 deaths. Next was Dunccan with 21 kills and 3

deaths. Closely behind was Kodiak with 10 kills and 4 deaths and bringing up the

bottom was Aryanna with 3 kills and 1 death.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 1163.