Battle for the Moonstone.

Castigere, the god of justiceto Everyone

The struggle for control of the Moonstone began with several team combat matches.

With no particular leadership appointed, the contenders were divided into six

equal parties. All from different guilds and cities, there were no alliances or

fellowships created beforehand. The three on three battles raged until the

opposing team was destroyed.

Making up the Red Team was Zenichiro, Pneuman and Rajj who was eventually replaced

by Phalant. The Blue Team was composed of Fistandantilus, Sajora and the young Narl.

Kodiak, Aryanna and Sowenna made up the Black Team while the Silver Team boasted

Dunccan, India and Caelred. Also competing was Kuma, Simaril and Smudan of the Green

Team and Uwoiame, Joely and Zartuuz for the White Team.

The first team to be defeated was the Red Team, dispatched by the Silver Team.

Following shortly after was the Blue Team, defeated by the Green Team. The Black

and White Teams were not so easily beaten and were taken to a remote location

to determine the final winner. This was the White Team. This was not the end

for the losing teams however, and they would be afforded the chance to redeem

themselves by surviving an onslaught by a combination of two victorious teams.

All three of the losing teams were able to survive these assaults from the winning

teams and were awarded bonus points. The most notable player during this struggle

was Sajora, whose two team mates were eliminated, leaving her to conduct surgical

guerilla-style combat upon her assailants, many times killing but not eliminating

her enemies.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 1163.