Sapphire of Wisdom Gem Quest - Day Two.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

After another mammoth day of gruelling competition the last of the four rounds is complete. I had expected to see the Final Battle of the Three Sons of Wisdom taking place last night. However, so competitive and utterly determined were all the competitors last night that the tournament ran on far longer than I expected. It began at 9pm and did not finish until 4:45 AM GMT the next day. This brings the total competitive time for the quest to a staggering 14 hours.

The format for day two was a tournament whereby every remaining competitor fought all the other competitors. The three to win the highest number of bouts would be declared the finalists. At this point in the quest the assumption being that whoever these three were, would then go on to become Demi Gods and fight the final battle for the Three Sons.

The remaining competitors at the start of the tournament were:

Tyr, Kiarn, Zenichiro, Lancelot, Plaman, Sajora, Vaash and Lucifer.

Though Tyr did not win any of his bouts he acquitted himself famously. I was extremely pleased to see him taking part and was by no means a push-over. I was so impressed by his attitude and the spirit with which he competed that he was awarded a unique bejewelled helm to signify his individual approach to the competition. I also promised Tyr that this helm would be his for life. It will be returned to him should it be stolen.

Plaman came seventh in the tournament but to my mind was quite unlucky. He was extraordinarily difficult to kill, for the most part, and his bout with Sajora was one of the longest. Plaman won one bout. Though it should be said that he bowed out of the competition early and did not fight all his bouts.

Sixth in the tournament was Vaash who also fought extremely well and some of her bouts lasted for more than thirty minutes. She won two of her bouts.

Fifth was Lancelot, who won three of his bouts, beating Tyr, Vaash and Plaman. The poor old timer was so tired by the end that he complained of blurry vision. And indeed, seven hours of fighting is no easy feat. It was good to see another of the older players competing so well.

Fourth was Lucifer, winning four of his bouts. Lucifer was unable to enter the land on time but because of the format of the quest was allowed to continue his bid for the gem, though he was minutes away from forfeiting his bouts. Perhaps the most tense part of the tournament happened when Lucifer fought Sajora. Sajora was in third place but if Lucifer beat her it would have tied their scores and a tie-breaker would have had to have been fought, potentially offering Lucifer the chance to snatch the cov

eted third place. Unfortunately for him Sajora won their bout which lasted for nearly a full hour.

The most impressive competitor, to my mind, was Sajora. She fought all her bouts back to back with very little chance of a break. This happened because of the unusually long length of each of her bouts. Many of them lasted for more than an hour. She fought for close to five hours non-stop and to win her last bout against the less battle weary Lucifer, was a huge achievement, especially as he was on good form. Sajora came third in the tournament with five wins.

Kiarn won all her bouts except against Zenichiro. Kiarn ended her evening in second place with six wins. Zenichiro won all his bouts and won the tournament.

The three to progress then were Zenichiro, Kiarn and Sajora. While people gathered at the Meeting Place to witness what was going to happen next, I had one final announcement to make.

As described in HELP SAPPHIRE, Astrea's final words to her three sons were pivotal and their true meaning only became clear as I told the competitors that they would have one more sacrifice to make. In the true spirit of brotherhood, the ability to trust one's friends and the ideals of self sacrifice I announced that the three winners of the tournament must now nominate one person to fight on their behalf. Kiarn, Zenichiro and Sajora would take no more active part in the quest. They must nominate a fr

iend to fight as one of the Three Sons and entrust that friend to win the Sapphire of Wisdom for them.

Kiarn, Sajora and Zenichiro must use all their Wisdom to choose who their champions will be.

I will post more details about when the Final Battle will happen as soon as a date has been decided. This will happen sooner rather than later.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Mournsend, in the year 1163.