Sapphire Gem Quest - Day One.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

I would first like to say how enjoyable it was to see such a hard fought gem quest and although some of those who previously registered with me weren't able to attend, those who asked to join at the last minute made for a very healthy attendance in the first round.

The format of gem quest so far has been as follows. Round one consisted of a Flag Quest. The team captains were: Dunccan (gold), Kodiak (Red), Zenichiro (Blue) and Sajora (Black).

Dunccan's team consisted of Zartuuz, Kuma, Caelred, Valamir and Krystal. Kodiak's team initially consisted of Smudan, Phalant, Joely and Rajj. Zenichiro's team consisted of Kiarn, Denzeldash, Tyr, Lancelot and Uwoiame. Sajora's consisted of Lucifer, Parallax, Plaman, Shander and Vaash.

This Flag Quest was perhaps the best I have seen for nearly 300 odd years. It lasted for nearly two hours and each team had their opportunity to win it. Early on Kodiak's team looked close to winning it on many occasions with Kodiak leading the assault and Smudan standing guard at their base holding three of the four flags. However, I made it clear to all concerned that the tactics of team choosing was as important for at least two rounds as any other. Unfortunately for Kodiak his team took major casua

lties with first Smudan, then Phalant and Rajj leaving Avalon. Joely and himself made a valiant effort to win the quest but Zenichiro eventually raised all four flags to win the first round, despite Dunccan's team hampering his efforts successfully at least twice.

The winning team were then given two options. The first for the team leader to decide on which team was to be eliminated from the gem quest. Zenichiro decided to eliminate Dunccan and all members of his team. Another twist of this gem quest was that the youngest member of the winning team was given the chance to save the life of one person from the eliminated team. This responsibility fell to Tyr. A young yet staunch Thakrian. He decided to save no-one, his reason being that none of them were Thakrian.

I'm sure his city is proud of him. Indeed, given that he is now through to the knockout stage of the gem quest, his choice to effectively eliminate his competition proved to be a wise one.

Round two consisted of a competition called King of the Hill. The sands of time fell for one hour and the objective of the quest was for each team to battle it out for control over the high ground. The somewhat fitting location was Up above the clouds, near the entrance to Olympus. Despite their small team, the red team, consisting of Kodiak and Joely, held the high ground for at least half an hour. However, the black team, led by Sajora eventually won the round by ensuring the entire team stood alive

in the location when the sands of time ran out.

As with the previous round, the team leader of the winning team chose who was to be eliminated. Sajora chose to eliminate Kodiak's team which saw him and Joely exiting the gem quest. As with the last round, the youngest member was given the chance to save one of the eliminated members. This responsibility fell to Vaash. Clearly, all expected Vaash to save Kodiak but after a very tense and long wait, Vaash announced that she would save neither Joely or Kodiak. I personally commend Vaash for her ambitiou

s bid to win the Sapphire of Wisdom and not allowing city loyalties to cloud that desire. I'm sure many would argue. None the less, Vaash also survived the next round and her choice may prove to be a wise one.

The final round of the evening consisted of an epic battle. All remaining competitors were moved to the Room of Eternal destruction. With no means to escape the only way out of this room for the competitors was to kill each other until only one remained. After utter carnage the last three standing were Lancelot, Zenichiro and Kiarn. Though Lancelot killed Zenichiro at least twice, with Kiarn's help, Zenichiro recovered his composure and sent first Lancelot and then Kiarn sailing on the ships of death.

Zenichiro chose to eliminiate Denzeldash from the gem quest.

The final knockout stages of the gem quest will begin at 9pm this evening which will be followed by the final battle of the Three Sons of Wisdom.

I would ask that all competitors, even those knocked out in the first round, attend this evening. You may be surprised by what happens.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1163.