Perhaps you missed the key line in my post...

The part that said \"That's neither here nor there\"...? I find it even more humourous that you stated that you didn't want to make it a public matter and that my posts are immature, yet you post an oh-so-snappy, mudslinging reply... quite mature that!

As far as the quality of my posts is concerned, I guarantee I've been complemented on more posts than you and your half-witted citizenry has combined. Most complements coming from Springdale citizens - most of which have since left your pisspot of a city in that mass exodus - on the posts made commenting on Springdale.

So sling on, my brotha! You do nothing but prove my point with each and every word you dribble.

Sad that Springdale is too empty to appreciate my Nekkidness,


Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1161.