quality of posts.

Kal Zakathto Finbar

I would suggest that you should look carefully at the standard of your posts.

They are very very marginally staying above the level of a civilised

thoughtful player. Indeed you could claim kinship with certain members of

your city who have subsequently been banned for persistent poor quality posts.

I would think it is fair to say that within the last few years at least, the quality

of what I write certainly puts to shame most of the constant abuse, swearing, and name

calling that emanates like a stench from you and your kin.

If in years past, (and we would be talking 6 or 7 real life years) I have offended my

then patron, The Lord of Time then I have certainly forgotten the circumstances and find

it mildly amusing you have a kept a 'dirty dossier' on myself.

For historical purposes, do point out the section of the bulletin board it was in

so we can all peek into the history of Avalon.

If the quality of my posts fall below par, then rest assured a god, perhaps even your

patron will send me a discrete message, but for now simply because you do not like the

content, I shall not fail to respond to posts directed at me if I should wish to. So I suggest

to you once more, should you find a post by me that you profess to have absolutely no

interest in, you do the 'clever' thing and type next.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Eleuthral, in the year 1161.