Unwritten rules.

Nowadays it is a rare occasion where I will accept a mutual challenge, I feel I have experienced a sufficient number of them to render their purpose obsolete. There is however a large contingent of Avalon who thrive on the mutual challenge and consider it a test of personal skill. Thus there was born at some time or another a set of unwritten rules regarding the mutual challenge.

1. A mutual challenge is between two combatants and therefore must not be interfered with by allies from either side.

2. Once the challenge has been decided then the vanquished is granted the mercy of the vanquisher and is allowed to prepare themselves for battle once more. Potential enemies of the vanquished are expected to allow a certain amount of time for the vanquished to regain defences and compose themselves once more.

With regards point 1 I would say that the majority of Avalon regards mutual challenges as exclusive agreements between two players and rarely intervene. Sometimes enemy mounts,staves,rituals and demons may annoy a combatant and these squabbles can escalate to in-challenge fighting. In my experience these instances are rare.

With regards point 2 I personally believe that once again the majority of Avalon holds true to this \"rule\" and most challenges end in commiseration or gloating. However, more times than I can count I have been in a position where after the challenge has ended the victor has proceeded to continue the attack. This is something you must always be prepared for and as a veteran of many non challenge deaths I am positive you can ensure that once your corporeal form is restored you can evade capture.

In short, nothing is sacred and it should not be taken as a given that your opponent will adhere to these \"rules\". I have been informed by a Paladin who frequently breaks the second of these rules that you must specify beforehand if the challenge is to \"the first ghost\" or \"to ship\". Otherwise avoid those who you believe cannot be trusted to commit to whatever you believe a challenge should be or just avoid challenges in general.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1160.