You, I and Castigere.

Kal Zakathto Denzeldash De le Erinyes

You need to calm down before you upset those deities Neutral to you or mildly

friendly towards you.

For the record, we both issued mutual challenges to each other and it

appeared you were refusing to move out of Springdale's city staves for

the fight.

Fed up with your shouting and my shouting, Lord Castigere saw fit to move us

both to the underworld. This was a complete surprise to me as it was to you.

Indeed I would go so far as to say you had a slight advantage in this turn

of events since I had no rituals and the locations we were placed in

would not abide magic mists.

Unfortunately for you, I recovered my senses quicker than you and slew you repeatedly

over and over until no more life magics protected your soul.

At this point, Lord Castigere returned and asked us both if we had finished. I

answered yes, whilst you swore at him. At this point it appears as if you

were given the gift of life several times and naturally died repeatedly

a few more times.

This incident was merely a neutral deity objecting to our shouts about

the challenge and taking some direct action to ensure it happened. It

was actually a very very fair decision, you were certainly not locked

away with me with multiple exits everywhere.

I suggest you calm down in future before swearing at the Gods, they are not

in league with me against you, I could well have been the one to be slain.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1160.