Thieves Guild.

Because you are young, I will take the time to explain the issue to you so that

you may consider it, and its implications.

The Isabella Thieves Guildhouse is not immune to being breached by an individual.

In fact, I have had the pleasure now, of having done just that, and have walked

through it fully, except for the comm sheds and barracks. Those location, I am

unable to enter at all, because of the protection they have inherently. The issue

therefore, is not whether individuals may enter your guild in Isabella, but that

your guild is incapable of being razed by troops - troops can not enter your guild.

The problem with the inability to raze your guild is two fold. First, and foremost,

it makes it utterly impossible to relieve the thieves of any qeust items should

they desire to horde them there -- this includes long night items which I as

a member of the Order of Light, am dedicated to ensuring does not get raised. If

those items are secured in the Isabella guild house, the ONLY way I would be able

to acquire them to prevent the Longnight from being raised, or if it were raised, to

acquire the items necessary to bring it down would be to have a thief betray his

or her guild and grant me access. This would also apply to any other quest items

necessary for guild quests or for exploration of the land. That your guildmistress

has publicly stated that she will not horde longnight items there is of no consequence

as she has repeatedly proved herself to be immature.

Secondly, Xing, your guildmistress called out the order of light claiming we

were taking a hostile attitude against the thieves and therefore justified her

depriving us of the monopoly of skills your guild maintains. Of course, you need

only look at the issues raised by Smudan's stripping and her public response to

observe the hypocrisy she so commonly embraces. As she sought to provoke me, I responded

and attempted to raze the guild. Now, absent her provocation, I would never have

bothered with such an effort - but her choice led me there. Because of the way

the guild is currently configured, and because that configuration prevents troops

from razing, and taking all valuables contained therein, Narissa got a free pass

on her choice -- she suffered no consequences, and can continue to spew sarcasim

and stupidy without fear of retribution. She, and the Thieves in general, now have

the only protection from consequence in this land. Those are the issues, not that

you might choose to betray an ally. Your guild has fortifications and ample

troops to defend, but that of course, would require you mortal thieves to do

work, besides idle in a bulletin board and that, apparently, is unacceptable to some.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Skyelong, in the year 1160.