Im not here to throw accusations, i'll leave that to others who have had a bee in their bonnet about the thieves guild but i do feel the need to respond.

For me, the issue isnt so much about the one that has been mentioned, but more so reading between the lines, As a Mercinaen Thief, i deduce that by your actions in breaking into my guild you have indicated that no guild has city protection. It is true to say that as a thief i have broken into guilds myself, but i recall in my very early days making the mistake of trying to enter a Guild in Springdale and got enemied to that city for it. It caused me many problems and when all was said and done i was ma

de to apologise due to the alliance between our two cities.

Now, being as though its fair game to break into my guild i am to draw your attention to the fact that YOUR guild, The Artisans, is located in my city and because you have shown no regard for me i would presume that you would not cry city politics if it were to happen to you by a citizen supposedly allied to you city?

Our Guild has members in all cities, NOT just an out of city protection guild with Thakrian members, This should be remembered. So before escalating things as you wish to do i would inform you that i dont want to be put in the position of making choices between an allied city member and my guild, but if i have to then to be honest theres no choice to make.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1160.