The theives guild, whose enemy are they anyway?.

Eba-Fedaykin Allanon Artisan, Illuminatito Everyone

Despite the fact that the guildmistress and other prominent members are choosing to remain silent

against the charges of having an unfair advantage in a guild inaccessible to troops (obviously

they cannot discuss the subject without incriminating themselves), myself and others will not rest

in seeking to rectify this blatant cheating.

On this and other boards the guilds outside city protection (Rangers, Brigands, Bards and even Animist)

have all told tales of how they have suffered at the hands of invading armies - why should the thieves be different?

On a spying mission to see just what goodies they have stashed away we discovered the following:

Defensive fortifications have been raised here by the Thieves Guild with a strength of five thousand. A small wooden

cart stands here. It is laden with an ancient chalice, a knight, a mage, a sorcerer, a ranger, an astrologer, a

brigand, a seer, an alchemist, a loremaster, a cavalier, an enchanter, a minstrel, a warlock, a wizard, a paladin, a

rogue, a warrior, a craftmaster, and some raw cotton.

I will leave it to all you different people in different guilds to draw your own conclusions on this \"trophy\"

Who does it affect that the thieves can do as they will without the ultimate threat of military obliteration

when their \"victims\" are collectively pissed off - no-one.

When you find that the quest items many of the younger guildmembers need to progress in guildrank/tasks

are hidden away in the sewers of Isabella and held to ransom - who will that help?

Wake up and smell the coffee all of you who think this issue with the thieves does not affect you

because if you dont stand up and be counted now you might end up being very sorry.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1160.