Restraint works both ways. I believe it was Sajora who posted in the past

about how little ones can show some restraint and refrain from attacking those

they cannot possibly defeat repeatedly and then trying to claim some sort of

shield to their actions by declaring themselves to be tiny.

I have been away lately and not have the pleasure to meet the young one

in question (Smudan) apart from reading about his actions on the bulletin board.

Consequently I did not make a decision either way on whether he deserved the attentions

of larger players or not. It became crystal clear, when this unknown suddenly

started projecting rituals whilst I was fighting Barcud, Denzeldash and Sajora.

Previously unknown to me, but no longer it appears!

Springdale have plenty of young, who enjoy an unmolested life. That changes to

a life of struggle when they declare it is time to join into the struggle of

daily combat. The choosing of that point, is generally up to the young one

in question, when they are ready, they begin to attack and no longer remain unknowns.

As for 30 Lestagii being stolen by Nauthsiiir. Why should he not? That is 30 more

Lestagii than he has had! Your young have no divine right to be better equipped

than our older players.

You should distinguish between stripping and stealing of the odd item, and here

it appears to be even more trivial, a few herbs.

Teach your young to interfere in matters when they are ready to engage. By involving

themselves in every little fight with every big fighter, they will get noticed

and if they do, it is their own action that caused it.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Skyelong, in the year 1160.