the bottom line is this.

Springdale has done its part in leaving the young out of any kind of stripping. Thakria has not. Therefore, until this gets resolved and items are returned to Smudan, you can expect retaliation for this.

Dunccan was simply assuring you that if Thakria supports the stripping of someone that young (and from where I see it, since no pouches were returned to Smudan, the support is there), Springdale certainly can oblige similar support.

Now i say this: I don't want a stripping war. It only hurts the land I love. But there is no way in hell that this will be overlooked and cast aside. Obviously your last post was meant to steer people of this great land to point fingers at someone perceived as a sadist and an Avalon saboteur. You want to point a finger that way? Look within the city that just appointed you baron.

Dunccan doesn't want a stripping war either. But he certainly will support ending it, as we do, in the only way he knows how. The question is, does your city want to encourage the means to his end? I highly doubt it.

So, Baron of Thakria, ensure the return of Smudans pouches, and swear, on behalf of your city, to end the stripping of the young. We will swear to do the same. And that should be the end of this.

August, Baron of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1160.