Let me clarify your clarification.

Finbarto Mistress Thugee Narissa, Leader of Larceny

You post that no long night items will not be stored in \"our supposedly inaccessible guildhouse\", and then post that

you make this statement so that the powers who be can rest assured your not abusing any unique bugs.

Notably, Plaman acknowledge that the guild is in sewers, and acknowledged, being a very fine field marshall, that

it is impossible to get troops to it. Nothing supposed about it. Your guild can not be razed. You indicated earlier

that it is this way due to a lack of forts, implying that they would be ariving shortly and that the situation would be

changed. Now it appears, that is not the case. While you may be happy to place your own self serving interests

above those of the land as a whole -- I am not.

You and Plaman have both asserted that this is the way the guild has been, which I can state for certain that that

is an outright lie ( imagine that, you lying to cover you ass) Having spent some time in the guild in the past, beating

on whytta, robbing the shop that was there, and sauntering about, i could probably look up my logs and advise you

of the number of yarriol you have in your comm sheds.

As you are a proven liar, a systematic and acknowledged cheat, and abuser of divine protection, bugs, and even

little whos your word -- that you will not store long night items in your sewer guild is of no value -- at all. It is assuring

as you telling me the check is in the mail.

Here is how this plays out . . . I don't know the name of your treasure room down there, which you now admit you have.

If it is sparse or just treasure chamber, how are we to confirm you are not breaking this claim you make on the public

board. Scent won't lead me to a sewer -- Oh I know, ill beg a god to tell me. Or how bout this, lets say you store

ln items, should you ever acquire one, in a guild in thakria, and low and behold, i and others get in. You swoop down

and carry them off to isabella - but just temporarily -- until you can resecure another area. I know, I could whine

to the gods, cry foul, say its unfair. Perhaps this is the land that Thakria desires, where mortals must beg the divine

to sort their affairs -- its not the land I desire -- it clearly is the way you would have it Narissa. Congrats on makeing

a concerted effort to degrade the land into nothing more than cries for divine aide -- won't this be a great place now.

Your assertion that you will act fairly and not abuse this already abused, and prone for abuse, situation is as

comforting as a hot poker in the eye. If you had a modicum of trustworthiness on ANY level, perhaps it would be

less distressing, but you have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of maturity, a lack of restraint, and a repeated and

demonstrated and current willingness to put your interests above all else, regardless of the cost.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Mournsend, in the year 1160.