Narissa, Mistress of Thievesto Finbar

First, just because you cannot get your way, something is not a bug and an abuse. The divine CREATED our guildhouse, it didn't just accidentally happen. It was decided that, given the things Thieves forsake by having a house outside of city limits, the balance was fair.

You will notice that you were able to use anything as small as a 50 man legion against our guild, as we were given no fortification locations. Until we have the ability to protect ourselves from city and guild armies, I think it makes perfect sense that we have no real locations open to attack. The palandins sit safe behind SD city forts, and behind their own forts, not to mention a labyrinth that makes them near impenetrable to troops. The Thieves have no such city protection and, as such, the tradeof

f seems even.

I have requested fortification locations on the top part of the guild from the divine. Until those were added, I was hardly going to be so dumb as to put breachable locations in a place that is vulnerable to the smallest of legions. You are whining that your puny paladin legion cannot do any damage? Go look at the craftmaster's guild. Rest assured if the Thieves had a normal guildhouse, you would face something like that, a massive wall of forts to batter your troops against.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Eleuthral, in the year 1160.