Burning Temple Locations.

Wyldefyreto Dark Nauthsiiir, the Undying Fire

Little Sorc. You chose to attack and burn the Glade of Allendil. Had you listened, you might have understood that Maedhros does not have a temple in land yet, but the Glade of Allendil is a TEMPLE location. Since you chose to disrespect my Lord, I gave you his disfavour. If it had been anywhere else but a temple loc, it would not have mattered. You cry unfair, that Elmak danced dawn there. Elmak is a Priest in the order of Maedhros and has his right to be in the Glade of Allendil. Not saying you

are not welcome there, just don't disrespect a place special to the God of the Forest. I will lift your DF - go in peace

Written by my hand on the 28th of Eleuthral, in the year 1160.