Isabella guildhouse.

Finbarto Narissa, Mistress of Thieves

As is your way, you have made a mountain out of a molehill once again. Previously, you pulled these same tactics

in Parrius and we all know the result of that. So you are all clear, this was NOT an Order of Light issue, it was

my effort to breach a guild that has breached my guildhouse on numerous occassions. Indeed, currently both

Narissa and another have keys to doors in my guild. To further emphasize that this is not Order of Light business -

indeed if you have ln items in there i was unware - and further, as will be discussed shortly, they are entirely

inaccessible to anyone save a theif anyway -- today i brought out some fine Paladins to raze your little hole up

in Isabella for your repeated breaches of the Paladin guildhouse. BUT LOW AND BEHOLD what do i discover?

The majority of the guild is inaccessable to troops -- all the comm sheds, the barracks - indeed the treasure room

can not be accessed unless you have the ability to get into sewers. So -- what, alas are you crying about Narissa?

You do not cry about the fact that security has been breached -- how could it be -- i broke down all the doors in your

guild and alas - cant get to Whytta, main access area, to bewteen the essencing vats, and related comm sheds, nor

to even a forge stock room! No one can - unless you are a thief. No, you do not cry because an impregnable fortress

has been breached, you cry because your cheat has been discovered -- your abuse is once again uncovered - and not by

the order of light - but by me, Finbar, Paladin of Springdale.

More shall be discussed on the elder's board as what I have discovered lying hidden in the north is disturbing. Is it

not enough that you have guildhouses that can not be breached by troops without a full out invasion - whose doors can

not be picked except by the very people whose guild they would have to betray?

i now know why the wench doth protest too much -- i invite all to go and look for yourselves as they currently

have no doors.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1160.