Peaceful Krayia, Tree of Lifeto Everyone

I wish to adress the issue of mass deforestation. I myself saw many trees fallen, but not logged in Azrili and all over the land in general in the last few Avalonian months. This is not the first time I've seen trees felled in such a manner. I do

not believe, however, that it was done by mortal hands. In my youth, I was told that too many trees in the land could possibly cause some to fall on their own, without the aid of the woodsman's axe. The younger ones seem to go first, as they have

trouble competeing with the older, taller trees for precious sunlight. This natural cycle of life and death seems to happen every so often. To prevent this problem in the future, I'd suggest trying to stagger the growth of fruit trees instead of

planting several in one location all at once in the same year. Also, I'd encourage careful pruning of ancient trees to keep the numbers at a healthy level all around. Furthermore, I pledge myself to replanting new fruit trees to replace their

fallen brothers. Their deaths will not be in vain, as maybe we can all learn something about the sacred cycles of nature from this situation. I welcome any and all who would like to lend a hand in making new life in the forest. PLease let me know

if you need seeds.

Your friendly neighborhood animist,


Written by my hand on the 21st of Mournsend, in the year 1159.