Wyldefyreto Everyone

At first I believed that the trees taken from the land were an act of simple need - now as I stand in Azrilli I see that the trees were indeed destroyed by Mortal Hands. Someone or some people are going through Avalon Axe Happy and chopping down all the Trees!

As the High Priestess of the Forests I am compelled to post. As those who love and respect Avalon know Apple Trees can be used for wood but trees like Pine, Birch etc cannot be replaced naturally and it was asked we leave those trees alone. This senseless act will take decades if ever to fully repair the damage.

I ask my friends and those who respect the Forests, Nature and Life to take some time this spring to replant trees as many as you can. For the one or few who did this atrocity - may I find out who you are so you may answer to the Forests and to Life!

For the Honour of Maedhros Allendil

Wyldefyre - High Priestess of the Forest

Written by my hand on the 4th of Mournsend, in the year 1159.