Interference and Fighting back.

Wyldefyreto Sajora, Forever of the Eve


are not the only one who has noticed this and unfortunately sometimes it is the fault of the elders in the land who teach the lw's that this form of fighting or interaction is acceptable. I don't fight, but I have also seen pw's being told it is ok to interfere in a fight. To walk in and repeatedly Consider a person or hug them hinders that person from protecting themselves or performing an offensive maneouver. It is base and unacceptable. If I may add to your post - Pacifists - if you Choose to be

a pacifist it means not to get involved in fights at ALL. Don't go rushing into the middle of a fight to distract or hamper the oponnents. If you want to be in a fight, then ask to lose pacifism - you are giving the true pacifists a bad name.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midsummer, in the year 1158.