Not a poet, I know it.

Have no fear, my scion dear.

I guard no bodies, merely my gear.

The Sd crown was heard to say,

No need to post, tis not me to bray.

I thought once and then twice more,

Considered my pride about being a bore.

Too bad Avalon lost this quick battle,

For I am back again now, back to do prattle.

Hath the lady o Gabbad forgotton her way?

She did lay claim to SD's southernmost quay.

You tease that this is not our cit's to despair.

How foolish of us to not trust into your care.

What rambler be you, to dare speak of the cause,

You deserter of allies on quite the long pause.

You refuse to be thakrian, you act for yourself,

Yet they are your playthings, your toys from the shelf.

Gather them on, let them be so bold.

They are quite brave three on one I am told.

But today it was different, so the story is written.

I heard from afar that their arses got bitten.

No offense my love, but your message was tossed.

As folks tried to read on, the meaning was lost.

Rather than wage war with thine quill or with thy pen,

Would've sufficed to just speak, \"Drats, foiled again\"!

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1158.