Justice, and your Actions.

Dunccan, you and I have been friends most of my life, some 160 years. I hope we can still be friends even after I say what I feel I need to say. You have stripped someone who is miniscule compared to you both in terms of skills, time here and in general experience. This behavior must not repeat. When I asked you what Mydraal did, your reply was, \"Nothing. \" and \"He was innocent. \" Then you explained to me how it was justice because \"They stripped one of mine, so I stripped one of theirs. \"

I am shocked and apalled by your actions and by your definintion of the word Justice. You are high priest and its your prerogative I'm sure to define it as you wish according to your patron's will, but how is punishing someone who you defined as innocent Justice? Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth may equate to a clumbsy, awkward justice and you may feel the scale has been leveled because you did the same to one of a city which stripped a member of yours. But I must ask you, what has haoppened to a

good and honorable man whom I once knew?

It is not justice that the innocent suffer for the actions of the guilty simply because they were a softer target. Relieving someone of all their posessions to make a statement is also not justice. Perhaps you ought to be High Priest of Vengeance, because that is all I see from you. Justice is tempered with wisdom, charity, grace and mercy. The death sentence is not the sole conrtribution of justice to our world. A punishment must fit the crime and two wrongs never ever have made a thing right. Its wro

ng when Thakria does it to your people and its just as wrong when you do it to theirs.

When a leader behaves badly, it casts in ill light all those for whom he speaks. You have done wrong my friend whether you admit it or not. It is not my placet o judge you however, but I will condemn you. You've been a good friend to me and I care for you a great deal and I'm sorry if our long friendship must end today. You shame yourself, your order, your patron, your guild and your city by your actions. If you must judge and bring justice find wisdom and mercy to do so in a way so that all may say wh

at has been done is justice. When that day comes we may draw steel together again as friends, and I hope the day is short in coming.

Sir Laslow

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1157.