Misuse of Guide.

Wyldefyre Woman of the Woodsto Vaash The Devourer

AS mentioned, you earned the DF of Maedhros cause I caught you in Centre Cass felling staves whilst you proclaimed to the world you were guiding a newbie. Truth is, the newbie was half way across Avalon and youo never left Mercinae. As it appeared you used GUIDE to get protection while felling staves in an enemy city, I felt as the only Mercinaen on that I had to do what I could. I agree now that just cause I am a HP I should not abuse these commands and have removed it. May you find mercy for viol

ating a rule of misusing GUIDE or may you be able to prove you did indeed help this newbie. Setting fire to the forests however... not a great idea as all in Avalon now know who is responsible for the burning and the limited forest damage. But do what you want, for I really don't care.

For the Glory and Honour of the Forests

Written by my hand on the 17th of Paglost, in the year 1157.