Sahid-Fedaykin Fatalus, Trader of Midnight Dreamsto Everyone

Various Thakrians have spoken freely of their thoughts on Springdale as per public posts 22726 (Zakath), 22785 (Plaman), and 22801 (Plaman). Overall, I gather a sense of desperation from their content. In detail, Zak's is

humorously off base and in amazingly little time proven quite incorrect. Plaman's perceptions differ from mine. Perhaps when we both write our memoirs, time will clarify the mind and the need for politics will long be over.

Since the first stone has been cast though, please allow this Springdalian to state his own opinions on the rival city of Thakria.

There are those amongst you that attempt to adhere to the old ways. By this I mean your team stripping, shop raiding, extortion and faithfulness to the Temple of Darkness. Now if you make a candid assessment of the

situation, I think you will find that this strategy isn't quite working for you.

Granted you have some things going for your way. Your town is still intact. You also have moveable forts with caster wheels on them. That's pretty slick. But let's look at some other aspects.

Your meager soi is bound to be causing some economic issues. Getting it back and holding it will be quite difficult. I'm not even sure it'd be worth the attempt. Having lived most of my life without SOI income, I can

say one can indeed get by without it. It leds to some problems though. It lends itself to influence from coin outside your city limits. It causes morale issues. It's a stagnant depressing life. Folks leave.

Your team stripping will at best buy you reciprocal treatment. As egos get frustrated it is apt to drift down to less defensible targets and once again, your young will be harmed. This is not a threat, it is merely an age

old observation of excessive warfare.

Your young are burdened enough with the grievous acts of their forebears. Yes, it's possible that some or even all the other cities would band together for a march on Thakria. Even without your current behavior, the other

cities owe you for a few things. Both Springdale and Mercianae for the destructions you imparted on them over the years, and Parrius for your centuries long manipulations at great expense to it's own armies and wealth.

Rebuilding a completely razed city is a damned tough life.

Your manner of patronage to the Dark Side completely destroyed your city. Rather than as advisor and benefactor, you gave it complete totalitarian control. In it's prime, Dark then selfishly and effectively

fragmented your society, drove away fine talent, completely dominated your souls and left you barren. Even in absence, the continued existence of Dark as your patron merely serves to attract enemies like a magnet. And if

it ever returns to take it's place as the uber-throne, is that a beneficial event?

I'm just a simple businessman. When I have an investment that turns south, I dump it so that I can reinvest in something with more potential. When I see a unprofitable venture or downward spiraling trend, I change

strategies. This has allowed me to survive and to profit well in this world whilst not compromising my city loyalties. Perhaps Thakria should likewise look at the world with open eyes and see if it's not due for a


Written by my hand on the 1st of Paglost, in the year 1157.