The state of these lands.

Denzeldash De le Erinyesto Everyone

When i first heard about dunccan supposedly say about driving people from the lands, i was confused as he was the person that told me to leave mithrandil be for a time.

Why do my enemies, people with years of knowledge on me feel the need to treat me in the same manner after posting so much on the subject?

I stated that i have been abused ooc from all thakrians bar two. I was wrong, Steel has never been anything but polite, llelwyn and Tomas quiet and respectfull and even the likes of sowenna and vaash can keep it to nothing more than the banter that we all enjoy.

I am supposing that as my confidence and knowledge has grown i have taken more offense at the way i have been treated by my enemies, and have reacted in kind.

I have done this without fully realizing the effect that this has on our playing environment, loosing smaller players affects us all, yet still layers are driven from the lands in viscous cycles of stripping.

Now other than zakath whom i am guessing has been affected by nothing more than my posting as i very rarely kill him. I would like people to think on how i treat my enemies, i have helped even small thakrians, i am friendly to people who honour me with the same respect.

I have never taken from anyone, ever

These are my final words on this subject as it is now find hard to find a reason to stay in the lands.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 1157.