denzeldash's pouches.

Just commenting on your third paragraph.

It is impossible for you to \"know for a fact\" that denzeldash stripped anyone or stole from any store based on how stuffed his pouches are. You are not an idiot, however, so I can only assume that you are reaching for straws to defame Denzeldash's character.

Honestly, I find this attempted association of yours, hiiiilarious.

Cant you just admit you are a pig bastard, and take your lumps, if you get them? But then again, I love to laugh, so feel free to tell all of us that you are not at fault here. It's just that Denzeldash was wearing such a low-cut skirt and you just couldnt help yourself. \"It wasn't my fault, your honor! It was Denzeldash's!!! \"


Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1157.