It isn't up to you to set punishments for idling - and stripping someone

of all their belongings isn't justice - especially when meted out by an

enemey. Don't ever try and pretend you're acting on behalf of Avalon when

you do this - you or anyone else.

Recenetly Thakria was ransacked to a degree by a player robbing shops using

an 'idling' player. I had to force restitution had to be made. Is it correct

to punish a city for one of its citizens idling?

As it turned out, the player had been idling in the Bulletin Board. Yes, this

is idling, though many people continue to do it. As it happened the above

Thakrian had been ditched off the Bb and Avalon by a deity (probably me though

many of us routinely go through this chore) but had auto-login on and popped

back into Avalon un-noticed.

If you have a complaint about a player idling it should be made to me. Reported

players are watched to see if they are gaining an advantage 'illegally' and if

they are appropriate warnings and/or punishments follow. Even if they are not

gaining an advantage, it isn't usually appropriate for a character to be logged

into Avalon and non-responsive to enquiries, especially those who might be

expected to be approached by novices regarding guild membership or citizenship.

HELP TIMEOUT should be read by anyone who is ignorant of this command. Auto

login (when connection is lost) should be disabled on all terminal software

that provides the facility - this includes continual 'bouncing off' Avalon

without a valid password. Such actions are liable to result in the banning of

the player's site.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Cloudburst, in the year 1157.