not well liked.

Denzeldash De le Erinyesto Kal Zakath

So zakath you can team 4 to 1 in a challenge, yet still open your mouth under the guise of being an experienced player?. Thakrians make me laugh, they wish to kill yet not get killed back they wish to team yet not get teamed back.

The day after i left lw i was stripped of all my pouches by threap for something i think abydos did, From the time minichiro returned he has tried to take from me rather than fight me.

You zakath, you jumped and killed me on your return and when i returned the favor you asked why i attacked you! I even died in the process! To fix this point though, your idea was having me follow you to try and kill zenichiro.

Let me state a fact, I never have and never will take anything from anyone,i am here to fight for my friends and city nothing more.

I will not however apologize for anything said to zenichiro, he has done nothing but go out of his way to ruin not only denzeldash as a character but avalon as a whole.

The last on this subject is simply this, EVERY thakrian bar jarlaxle and arturo has given me ooc abuse all i can do for Avalon is say mine will stop here and now.

I feel for any real new young in the lands if all they have to look forward to is the day that zenichiro fella takes everything they have worked for.

These lands though harsh, should never be judged buy what one petty minded individual can get away with, its just a shame that they so often are.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Cloudburst, in the year 1157.