Timeout is a powerful function that certainly does prevent

the stripping of someone who is link-dead.

Idling on the other hand is a choice. We can all choose to idle and

run the risk of a deity or a foe who takes a dislike to it. It is a free

choice with the risks well documented by years and years of folk

losing items and goods.

If Zenichiro were caught idling by Dunccan or Pahn or even yourself I wouldn't

expect him to have much left on him afterwards, and the same goes for them

also. Those who become real and proper players in this realm are large

enough to deal with it and collect equipment once more. Of course those

that are small and growing should only be punished by the loss of a few items or

a shipping, but the well established barons, ministers and all ultimate players

should be able to cope.

Denzeldash is not a well liked or respected by his enemies which is why

he is treated like he is. You will notice throughout all of this, there has been

no apology for the disgusting physical abuse threatened, that is the type of

person Denzeldash is, and that is why if he caught idling you will have queue of people

waiting to take every item he has.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1157.