Eba-Fedaykin Allanon Artisan, Illuminatito Everyone

The point has been made that items can be protected attempts to strip.

In reality as ship runes and curses do wear off over time, how many people with possessions enough

to steal actually have ALL their items proctected fully, especially if that person is competant

that getting them into a position of being stripped is unlikely.

So we have it that the commands used to strip are unlikely only likely to suceed on the inexperienced

or young or someone in a position to not defend themselves (not necessarily idling as triggers

and reactions would still work. So what we are saying is that the total stripping performed

by Zenichiro is only likely to work on the young or the link dead.

Timeout doesn't totally solve the problem so again if us mortals cannot show restraint I suppose we

again look to Olympus to control us in the spirit of fair play.

If someone is idling or is unfortunate to be link dead what is fitting punishment - dying and staying as a ghost certianly yes,

losing a few items - maybe, systematically having all their possessions stripped - well I leave you all to make your mind up.

PS before the retorts, yes perhaps Denzeldash's reaction was extreme and nicely provides Zenichiro with

a \"reason\" to not hand the itmes back - however in my opinion Zenizchiro's sadism only created the situation

in the first place.

PPS Any before she who cannot keep her gob shut feels the need to respond no I am not a Game Administrator or a God

but at times I think certain individuals (on the evil and the good side) would be sorry If ever I was.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1157.