Zenichiro, Master of Loreto Finbar

Just to clarify, Denzeldash's reaction last night was not a new thing, or an emotional reaction to being stripped, it's the way he's responded to any attack, interference or death by me for the past year now and many many people have witnessed it over this time and told him it's out of order.

Idling is a chronic problem with Denzeldash (and others) and he's had many close shaves where I've killed him, realised he's idling only to have a someone resurrect him and make him safe again while he remains oblivious. In this case he seems to have forgot the new year would nullify his divine protection. Despite his protests of being link dead AND the contradictory claim of being in a trigger loop, he was clearly triggering perfectly timed commands to all my attacks, summons, nullifying invisibility


You ask if an offer was made to return items, but the moment Denzeldash was active again he announced his return with shouts along the lines of 'zeni you **** **** give me back my ******* things NOW or else I'm going to **** **** you rl'. He should have learned in the past year that not only does this get him nowhere, I don't think it would anyone, and it'd be very very sad if anyone ever compromised themselves here in Avalon on account of RL threats. Even disregarding his record for the time being, th

e MOMENT he issued an ultimatum like that there was not a chance of I returning any of his items.

You pose the question, is Avalon better without Denzeldash or others and if behavior that they allege makes them wish to leave justified but you are missing the point. The real question is should Avalon submit itself to the regular threats of quitting by players who feel that things aren't going their way, whatever that may be.

Bear in mind that any number of actions could have prevented this happening, first and foremost of which is simply not to idle. This concept in itself seems beyond Denzeldash. With that said, curses, ship runes, more intelligent triggers would all have prevented me taking anything worn. Why should someone who neglects all of these have the same protection of he who invests in the time, effort and financial cost to sustain these defences?

As a final note, this was not over in minutes. Taking his things took perhaps 20 minutes or more, finding a god to move him for resurrection took perhaps another 40 for his friends, 5 minutes of being ditched and he was back to embark on threatening me for around 40 minutes or so.

I do have pity for Denzeldash, but sadly for him not the pity that will gain him his items. I would hope if any deity feels moved to intervene on behalf of Denzeldash they would discuss it with me first.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1157.