Finbarto Everyone

I was informed that Denzeldash was stripped of many of his goods

by Zenichiro while Denzeldash was apparently afk, in the Dreamweavers

shop in Springdale. I was informed that he was dragged to Thakria

where the stripping continued, and ultimately taken to a shop

stockroom where the job was completed. His body dumped in lost

in the oakwood (or spirit) to prevent him from being resurected

less he should act on his own behalf.

Recently, there has been a lot of complaints regarding player

behavior, specifically complaints about Springdale fighters and

their sadistic ways.

It is my understanding that when Denzeldash returned to find

the condition of his charachter, he lost it, made rl threats and

expressed his desire to sue avalon --- quit the game, etc etc.

Here is my question to all the elders -- does being afk - for

any reason, warrant stripping someone to the extent Denzeldahs

was stripped? From my perspective - I think not, but I am fully

aware that others would point out that this occurance was made

possible by Denzeldahs's failure to be at the keyboard, his failure

to properly secure his items, etc etc, or even to have his

timeout set. I also don't know, if Zenichiro has offered to return

even a portion of what was taken, and given what I know of the

occurance, stockroom, oakwood, etc. it appears to me unlikely.

I don't post this query to place blame on either Zenichiro or

Denzeldahs. I post it for this reason. Is the error of not

protecting your gear, and then being afk warrant breaking a

player to the point of no return? Is that what we want for Avalon?

Is Avalon better without Denzeldash or others, and is this

behavior justified on that basis?

Written by my hand on the 10th of Eleuthral, in the year 1157.