Lets get the story right for context.

Eba-Fedaykin Allanon Artisan, Illuminatito Everyone

Firstly I apologise for any incoherencies in my last post, I had been drinking with the old bugger Telamon

in the Greeny's Edge tavern and he assured me it was tizer he was playing me with - hic.

As to you Uwoiame I did send you two msgs and did intone several warnings even AFTER I had summoned Dachnavar

back to Mercinae - to claim you did not see these is ludicrous as are your claims that you were going to be

\"teamed\" - this is clearly hightlighted that you came to Mercinae and continued to attack him.

Dachnavar told me he could not target you and given the number of warnings I acted - by all means take pleasure

in Apollo's mercy.

To plaman I am not suggesting nicknames should be changed merely that as you put it \"mimicking true names

may be a bit of a bug\" is exactly what it seems and you thieves should have the sense to not pick a name

you know is dodgy.

The point is have the creators really got to take the time and trouble to plug every little loophole?

To Narissa, what do you consider confusing or mystifying about Uwoiames actions? It was quite evident what she

was doing and why - even if she didn't realise the consequences of her nickname she was warned tho it would

not surprise me that you would condone her actions.

Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps the land would be a better place if all the thieves could nickname themselves

as cloak or stave or rune so they could flit through the realm totally untouchable in locations with any of

those things in them and do as they wish to whom they wish.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 1156.