targetting nicknames.

Just a small note to you, oh, almighty HP, Dachnavar had no problem whatsoever to jj me, once he figured out that it could be a good idea to type out the full name in his little target alias instead of only using 3 letters...

I find it also amusing that you call him a 'smaller player' compared to me. I am not that much bigger, you know? And you were fully intended to portal to me and team me with said player. Ever thought about the difference in size between us 2?

I hear you say 'but, but ... your actions warrant a plausible excuse to all big bastards of this land to slay you back to newborn'. For your information, I was acting in city defence in Thakria against the 'smaller player' called Dachnavar, who is also a lot older than me and just because he changes guilds a lot is slightly smaller in skill size than me.

Oh, and for giving me fair warning... Shouts are not likely to get through to about 90% of the fighters. And sending a message is very hard to spot in the normal scroll any fighting situation gives. Yes, I know, you couldnt tell to me with the nickname I used, and frankly, that is the ONLY reason I used the nickname, to stop miss cowardess Dinamoria from bad mouthing me from behind DP.

With this, I consider this event closed. I have spoken to Apollo and explained the situation. He understood my side of the story and considered it was not punishable. Maybe, Allanon, just maybe next time you could walk over to me and TALK! before acting with only limited knowledge of the situation.

Uwoiame - proud little runty thief

Written by my hand on the 17th of Agamnion, in the year 1156.