Since you desire to disfavor a thief for using their skill I think I will return the disfavor and disfavor those people who use immunities on thieves who as of yet have the skill to use bumba. Since it is unfair someone using a skill the thief has to work to counter.

The next time a knight uses flight to run through my traps I think I will disfavor that knight, since they are using a skill to avoid my attacks.

Next time a paladin uses peace to cure the afflictions I have done to them I think that earns a disfavor because they are using a skill that stops me from easily using mine or avoids my skills.

When a loremaster sits in staves in alkar and setting themselves up to be unyankable I think I will disfavor said loremaster for using their skills to stop me from using all of mine.

When people use anchor runes to stop so many of my thievery skills I think i will disfavor them for using skills to block mine.

Consider yourselves warned!

I hope you see where this post is going. Just because a skill stops some of the things you can do and makes you have to work does not make it a bug. I also find it amusing that every one of you think it perfectly fine you can sit miles away and do this magical consider and know our nicknames but now you can't portal to us and some massive crime is being commited.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1156.