get your facts straight.


I will not waste time or breath give you the Springdalian version of relatively recent history with Parrius, as to do so will no doubt do nothing other than start a series of accusations back and forth. I won't even explain our view of how relations became hostile as that too will just set of a series of recriminations on both sides that aren't going to change anyone's minds on either side about who is at fault, or why our cities came to be at war with one another.

On the subject on mine sealing, however, you are dead wrong. Koenen, who was a Parrian baron at the time, began a program of systematically sealing mines against Springdale. While I too frown on the practice, as Camaris rightly pointed out, mines can be used for military purposes, and as such it seems to me that giving those who are DP or PW total protection while mining is going too far since it can have dramatic military implications.

So, please, spare us the \"a baron of Parrius would never do it\" nonsense. Koenen did so repeatedly and systemically against pacifists in Springdale.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1156.