Sealing Mines DP/PW.

Don Tukar, Godfather of Avalonto Everyone


While i was mining today after SD was in our town once again attacking anyone tht was moving. After the fight was over, when they continued aggressively 7+ against the last 2 standing. I get DP after my final death.

Battles all over, i got to mine peacefully under DIVINE PROTECTION. Camarias' sees me at the mine and leaves until i'm done inside it. Then he decides to come back with a friend and seal me in while DP.

Being that I just returned to the land and don't know all the little texts and stuff, i didn't know i was getitng sealed in. ANd it wasn't a worry since i was DP. This is definately something buggy in the world and something that should be fixed.

None the less. The sad little bard and his little buddy had to do what almost no one in the land does anymore because it's such a silly cheesy lame stupid idiotic thing to do and sealed me in it.

This is such a great day for SD relations and treaty talks. You all are sad, and pathetic. I hope the Divine do something about this action even if it's just fix it so it doesn't happen ot other less fortunate by such pathetic individuals such as the bards.

Tukar, New Captain of Parrius and a little wiser of the idiots still in the lands.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Springflower, in the year 1156.