Denzeldash De le Erinyesto Everyone

Seems its a little sad when people with nowt to say say it to loudly.

I will always defend those i love, care for and consider friends but it seems i am not the brightest crayon in the book.

I give in to the will of fistanantilus obviously a clever clever man that needs to belittle players that have been in the lands years and years less than he himself has.

I will trade your brain cell for my good humor and wit if you have it in you to share your great knowledge.

Aja i am sorry, i will learn me some punctuation as soon as i learn how to spell it.

Thats all i am going, no i really am, this is the last you will hear from me,never commin back, i wont even miss you, you all smell anyway,no body loves me, you are all mean to me, i have had it and i am out of here.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 1155.