Maybe you should use that tiny little primordial cluster of neurons you have and strive

extremely hard to realize that I was never at any point stripped by Zenichiro. The most he has

ever taken from me was my steed.

Wherever you get your information, I suggest you find a more reliable source, such as a deity.

And I am tired of people playing the whole 'Oh Abydos went pacifist when things got rough for

her!' crap. It was never any better during the months of December and January and I wasn't PW

then. You want the real reasons fine, I gave them to my citymates and I'll give them to you.

I had outerworld school responsibilities that demanded my attention and as a responsible person,

I decided to take away the urge to fight or lose DP so as to remain focussed like a good girl.

Now shut up already. At least I speak as many words as I have slain players in here. Perhaps

you should try to do the same, if that is at all possible for you.

Post again! We all have come to expect lack of self-restraint from the Justice-league.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1155.