Fedaykin Vargoto Everyone

This is a piece of the diary recently found on the decaying body of Zakath.


Dear Diary,

Oh how I do miss that lovely Threap, the boy toy, and his buddy Gaar.

I miss the nights we used to have in the stockrooms and temples, Now I am stuck with Zamphere is our guildhouse.

I wish I had some fighting ability so I didn't have to make excuses about people

\"Magicly\" disappearing, when I know they didn


This will be my last journal entry, Dunccan is comming for me now, I think I will just let him kill me, why bother defending myself, ill just die anyway.

I hope someone will pass this along to Plaman, my life long partner.

End of Entry

You see, all of you, how weak you are? The only reason I posted this here is because the ghost of Zakath seemed to want to post. I am just relaying the information, this is in no way a response to the pitiful post before this.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1155.