Finbarto Narissa, Mistress of Thieves

It is odd you would couch Sajora's pronouncement as a lack of neutrality, and

yet utterly fail to address the salient points she raises in reaching her wise

decision. Parrius marched its troops on the Rangers -- is this the neutrality

you speak of?

Parrius with the aide of it's then patron, raised the Brigand's guild in direct

conflict with the Rangers - is this, again, the nuetrality you speak of?

Parrius has at its disposal the Brigands guild to raise its young and school them

in the ways of the forest with skills identical to that of the Rangers's guild.

It is of no coincidence that the Brigands guild currently wilts on the vine, or

that it is guided by none other than a Thakrian.

It is well and good for you to reprimand people for mistating or not understanding

facts. It is entirely another thing when you ignore the realities confronting you

and blame another for the consequences of your own folly.

It is a pity that Parrius' efforts at independence were so short lived that those

responsible for its charge have fled back to their mother darkness and left you all

to contend with the fallout. It is a greater pity that you were so eager to suckle

at the teet of Thakria that you abandoned any semblance of independance and now

cry foul when you are called to account in circumstances in which you have the very

guild skill set in your cities hands but have abandoned it over to your true masters.

I do not know all the circumstances that led to the split in the Thieves guild, but

i would not be suprised if your masters found your obsequious ways so distasteful

that they could no longer stomach pretending to be guided by your will.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 1154.