guilds and neutrality.

I feel quite confident in posting to Sajora about her inability to find neutrality and reconciliation between her role as a city leader and a guild leader. Indeed, I am not the most favorite person to the Springdalians, yet I have several members in the Thieves who reside in Springdale, and I help them just as much as I do anyone else, and treat them all equally.

Indeed, oh wise bard, tell of us of history and how my terrible attempts at neutrality led to a split and discontent profession. In actuality, the split was not due to my inability to lead, but due to false and hollow promises made by Nostradamus. The members of this new guild were all Thakrian (a bit contrary to my \"anti-Springdalian\" image, yes?) and were all lured by the promise of things they thought could be given to them, not earned through hard work and dedication.

Once these promises were revealed to be empty, and my continued leadership demonstrated, the guild was reunited under one banner, with the entire profession much stronger and happier, as HELP GUILDS clearly demonstrates. I see no reference to multiple thief profession guilds.

Don't hurl insults, without knowing the facts.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Hindyear, in the year 1154.