It is certainly not unreasonable for others to have comments on your (you and your fellow citizens) actions, whether directly or indirectly affected.

A suggestion: Instead of trying to dismiss commentary by saying \"You are an idiot, therefore must be wrong\" embrace what you have become.

There is no Avalonian law that says Thakria must have the -only- evil intentioned citizenry (and I'm not looking to start a debate of what is evil, we'll just go with something generic, along the lines of \"actions traditionally reserved for those wishing to crush others under their bootheel using any means available\").

If Springdale has darkened and wishes to continue as a haven for aggressive and power hungry Avalonians, revel in that fact!

There is nothing wrong with aligning oneself with traditional foes, doing what it takes to ensure victory, and generally imposing superiority - making excuses for it only cheapens the taste in your mouth.

The only constant of Avalon is change. Don't be the last one to see that evolution.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1154.