inane post'?.

Never before have I seen such spurious use of the 'inane' post label as in

your latest post to me. In what way was it 'inane'? Please enlighten.

Now to deal with your argument which is easily and logically refuted.

It does not matter how many men you have a location to secure it, 5 or 550 it

makes no difference. What matters is what you tell them to do.

If your generals CHOOSE to assemble, re-deploy and make them dance around 63

times in 63 days then more fool you!

Did you not have ample men to leave 5 to do the securing unmolested?

Think it through logically, if you employ 550 paints to paint a masterpiece yet

you decide to order them to clean the sewage, each and everyone. Your masterpiece

will not get painted in time. Simply ranting and raving afterwards will not make

it happen.

In any event, the end result may well be the same except you will be delayed for a

mere month and have some egg on your face.


Unbiased, and objective.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1154.