answer mine now.

I answered yours. You answer mine.

Why arn't you fighting Thakria, and Order members of the dark one when you see them.

you follow light you arn't supposed to See in shades of grey, there is light and there is dark. Period.


Springdale doesn't follow the dark one.

Come to think of it, you are the only member of your order who isn't killed by followers of darkness. Why is that?

Not only that, wern't you fighting alongside a sorceror against me just the other day? Wait perhaps that was narissa. I forget.

So I ask YOU Krill, what is YOUR purpose in this land, what do YOU bring to it, and do you REALLY follow the preceps of Apollo. Or, do you just lie everyone, or what is worse. To yourself.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Paglost, in the year 1154.