Unfit judgements.

What makes you think you are any better to question that? What makes you think anyone from a city notoriously famous for sitting on a fence undecided on ALL matters would be qualified to question my reason for being here?

What Springdale stands for in my eyes, is none of your damn business. My reasons for being here and how I see myself fall under that same category, Krill.

And Krill, I could once again question your intentions as you have Dunccans. You have teamed me several times with members of the Order of Darkness. But, as is typically Parrian, you conveniently forget this fact and scamper up on your fence as soon as questioned screaming foul when you are attacked for your crimes against the Stag.

So, in conclusion, yours is not the place to question my motivations. Abydos' even less so. Her name will be soon be forgotten as a steed killer/griefer who kept going pacifist whenever things didn't go her way.

As for Zenichiros involvement in the combat actions a few months back. Why don't you ask him? Or better yet, look in the mirror, and get together with Narissa and Abydos wondering why he dislikes you so.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Paglost, in the year 1154.